Wednesday, February 1, 2012

i've been slacking

At the beginning I was so good, posting all the time.  Well, I got busy and Lolli got less cute - just kidding!  She is still cute, but I'm just not catching it on my camera as much anymore.  Posts will come, I promise.  

A story for now...  The other weekend, I had offered to make a birthday cake for a friend’s surprise birthday.  This friend and I shared a mutual respect and general desire for coconut cake, so I thought this was the perfect time to test out a recipe.  I went to the store (twice), got some specialty ingredients, and set to work.  I stayed up late on Friday night to bake the cakes.  On Saturday morning, I left them out on the counter to dry out a bit.  I pushed them to the back of our high deep counters and stuck the Crockpot in front of them.  To me, they were well hidden.  My roommate didn’t even realize they were there.  She thought I had taken them somewhere.  Well, Lolli sniffed them out.  Of course.  That nose of hers…  Ugh.  Anyway… she managed to get behind the Crockpot without moving it and ate ¾ of the cake – without leaving a crumb trail (my roommate and I are still uncertain about the time in which she stole the cake).  I got home to a very odd acting dog.  I immediately check the cake.  When she isn’t jumping all over me when I walk in the door, I know she did something she wasn’t supposed to.  And low in behold, the cake was decimated.  It was unsalvageable.  Wow, she got a stern talking to – which is probably and understatement.  Then, she clearly had a tummy ache that night and woke me up at 3:30 AM to go on a walk.  Seriously.  I got home from the party (where a cake from Safeway was presented – sigh) at midnight/1AM.  I had barely been asleep.  I’m hoping she learned some kind of lesson in all of this.